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This page is a gateway to a variety of resources.  If you have knowledge of a website and/or resource that may be helpful to School Psychologists, please submit it for consideration. 


Caring for Kids During and After a Pandemic

COVID-19 Resources for Schools, Students, and Families

Mitigating the Threat of School Violence as the U.S. "Returns to Normal" from the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Supporting Kids' Mental Health During COVID-19

Supporting and Protecting the Rights of Students at Risk of Self-Harm in the Era of COVID-19

Trauma-Informed School Strategies during COVID-19

Academic/Behavior Intervention Links:



Bibliotherapy Resources:

Link to AllinaHealth that provides grief-related books for varying ages and populations

NASP document referencing books dealing with loss or trauma


Medicaid Psychological Testing Clarification.pdf 

School Based Health Services Manual

Articles published over the last 6 months on writing clear, understandable reports.

An article about what to do when new tests are published (related to the ethical principle of using tests with up to date norms)
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